Your Husband May Be Having a Work Affair

There may be signs that your husband is having a work affair with his co-worker.

Your Husband May Be Having a Work Affair

We've all heard the saying, "The wife is the last to know" and that's true, they are. However, there's one spin-off to that phrase and that is, "The wives are the first to see the signs." Whether they choose to ignore them or not may be another issue, but nine times out of ten, the wife can spot the signs of a pre-work affair months before it actually happens.

Most women have been blessed with a-sixth sense. Women pay attention to detail, know when something just doesn't add up, can remember what their husband's wore on their first date, are very observant, and know when their husband's language or routine is slightly off. For those women who do not have a keen sixth sense the following are six signs that your husband is nearing or having a work affair.

First, he leaves for work earlier than usual. If your husband's job does not start until nine o'clock but all of a sudden he's getting to work by seven-thirty and there's no icy roads, or daily heavy traffic, then chances are he's admiring someone's conversation. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to check the time everyday your husband leaves, because there are many people who choose to get to work earlier than most. But if the routine of getting to work in the nick of time, changes from getting to work an hour or more ahead of time, than you may want to be mindful of different activity.

Second, he comes home later than usual. If your husband's job ends at five o'clock religiously, but lately he's been coming home around seven or later, then chances are he's enjoying someone's company. Sure some may grab a drink with friends after work or stop by the store, but if it's frequent and there are no groceries in hand than something isn't adding up.

Third, he makes reference to a co-worker out of thin air. If you're husband says, "Jane Doe bought a new car today," and you and he aren't looking for a new car, and you didn't ask about Jane Doe, nor is your car like Jane Doe's, then perhaps your husband is a bit too observant of Jane Doe.

Fourth, upon arriving at his job for whatever reason, you find the two of them making goggling eyes quickly and briefly in your presence and passing inside jokes with one another.

Fifth, she doesn't speak to you or is very dry while greeting. Everyone isn't friendly and that's okay. But if you observe Jane Doe smiling and laughing with others but not towards you, the wife, than perhaps Jane Doe has another agenda that she is fulfilling or would like to fulfill.

Sixth, he begins to compare your style to her style. If you are in the store and your husband says, "What about this outfit, or these shoes," and you notice that is Jane Doe's style, than something is probably going on.

In closing, if you search for something long enough you'll find it; however, sometimes if you don't search at all, it will be right there in plain view.

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