What to Expect Entering into a Biracial Relationship

A list of things you should consider and expect entering into a biracial relationship. Such a relationship can be beautiful, but also riddled with hardship. Keeping these things in mind can make your road a little easier.

What to Expect Entering into a Biracial Relationship

While you may subscribe to the notion that people are people and love is love and there is nothing to take pause at entering into a biracial relationship, there are things you ought to consider first, for everyone's sakes - and things you might do well to prepare yourself for.

What you should expect:

Not everyone is going to approve.

You might discover some prejudice in your family that you never knew existed.

Some people are going to give you looks.

Some people are going to make completely unwarranted comments - to your face and behind your back.

You might find some people close to you in denial about the relationship.

People that care about you might come across as opposing the relationship because they are worried about the discrimination you will face, or the barrier of cultural differences that might arise and create problems.

There will likely be some sort of cultural differences that indeed arise and create problems.

Figures who have always been central in keeping your future best interests in mind (namely parental figures) might challenge this relationship, and ask you questions such as:

'What about your children? How can you be willing to knowingly (and gladly) bring children into a world of certain discrimination?' A biracial child is sure to face discrimination. They might think this notion completely cruel, even inhuman to joyfully condone.

'What about the cultural differences? Do you really think you are compatible? What happens when you reach an impasse and realize there is something innately different in your roots that cannot compromise?'

These are just a few examples of the things you should prepare yourself for. You may have an easier shot than this, but you should prepare yourself for the worst in this scenario. Some of these things can reach a devastating level. Prejudice is alive and well in the world, and navigating the world of interracial relationships is still relatively raw in its developing perspectives. There is a lot of potential for opposition, so keep that in mind and be ready - and be strong! Having a biracial relationship can be very rewarding and special, and open your own eyes to all kinds of things you never knew you were missing.

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