Valentines Dinner Interupted

This is the story on why you should listen to the warnings placed on certain products.

Valentines Dinner Interupted

This is the story on how one should listen to the warnings that Nintendo puts onto their product, they put it there for a reason. Also make sure that your children understand the rules as well, this is not covered under insurance!!!

Valentine's Day 2019, my husband and I went out to eat and left our children home. My husband and I were at dinner which had started out to be a perfect night. After waiting for a table for I believe an hour we finally got a table and sat down, we ordered our appetizers, and we were just talking with each other. The phone goes off, not just a text from our daughter but a phone call. "Dad, I have it under control I think but um yea the TV won't work it is broken". My husband tries to understand what she is talking about but of course my daughter can't fully explain what is wrong with the TV and says that the WII remote flew out of our youngest sons hands and shattered the TV. So my husband looks at me and tells me what happened and so I just said let's get it to go. We get the food to go, I gulp down my drink and we leave the restaurant and the whole way home I am thinking there is a Wii remote sticking out of my brand new flat screen TV, but hoping no one stepped in glass.

When we get home the two oldest both started talking at once.Seeing there is no remote sticking out of the TV, but there is no broken glass either. So wondering what she was talking about. I look around and can't find my youngest son, I see this head come out of the computer nook looking so sad, "I'm sorry mommy", in the saddest,cutest face which no mother could ever be mad at. Oh my heart broke. My husband turned on the TV and that is when we found out the screen on the inside was shattered. So we got the story that the boys were playing baseball and when little man was batting the ball the Wii remote went flying into the TV and well there went the TV.

Instead of a quiet alone dinner for two Mommy and Daddy got a dinner for five on the bed, broken 48 in plasma. Daddy got a new one the next day and young slugger had to learn to never swing the Wii remote without the strap again. After having to do some extra chores and putting the strap on and off his wrist a few hundred times to get it into his head that it belongs on the wrist.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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