Valentines Day BreakUp Tips

Valentine's Day is supposed to be for lovers. For some, it is a springboard to a breakup.

Valentines Day BreakUp Tips

Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about love, passion and romance. Unfortunately, for many couples, Valentine's Day is nothing more than a springboard to a breakup . When there is so much focus on the perfect relationship, relationship imperfections become more in focus as well. Suddenly, people find that they are unwilling to settle for a relationship that is less than they desire.

Nothing can be more difficult than ending a relationship with somebody you care for...someone you perhaps even love. Loving someone does not mean that person is always right for you. There are other facts to consider such as trust and respect. Unfortunately, we do not always fall in love with someone who is healthy. Sometimes we fall in love with someone who meets unhealthy needs that we ourselves have, and we feed off of one another like ravenous piranhas.

Ending an unhealthy relationship can be done with dignity, but it will never be done easily. Here are some tips to help you:

-Be honest. Nothing good comes from delaying the inevitable. Be direct and upfront about what you need to do, but do it without attacking the other person. Yes, the person will be hurt, but not nearly as hurt if you lie about your feelings.

-Do not give the other person false hope. To a person who is desperately trying to hold onto a relationship, it doesn't take much to install false hope. It can be a certain look, a touch, or word. It can also come by indecisiveness in ending the relationship.

-Do not speak badly about the person to others. Nothing will make you look worse than going around speaking ill of someone you have broken up with. It is unbecoming, and serves absolutely no purpose.

-End the relationship on a good note. Talk about the good that came from the relationship, and the positive things you will remember.

Karen knew that something was missing in her relationship when Valentine's Day came and her boyfriend did absolutely nothing for her. In the past, she would rationalize his inattention and pretend it didn't bother her. But the more her friends kept showing her the romantic things their boyfriends had done for them, the more neglected she began to feel. She suddenly realized that his inattention was not just on Valentine's Day, but all the time. In that instant, she knew that her relationship of 4 years was going nowhere, and that is was time to break up.

If you find yourself having a Valentine's revelation like Karen did, remember to take the time to break up with dignity. You will save yourself a lot of future heartache and drama in the process.


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