Twenty Sexy Resolutions to Make this Year

This year, while youre mulling over or writing down your resolutions to exercise more, stick to a budget, or find a new job-why not add a new resolution?-one that will be easy to keep: Add sexy resolutions to spice things up!

Twenty Sexy Resolutions to Make this Year

For over two thousand years people have been making New Year's resolutions. Many use the marking of the New Year to break bad habits or begin healthier ones. Some reflect on the past year and think about renewal or improvements for the year ahead.

This year, while you're mulling over or writing down your resolutions to exercise more, stick to a budget, or find a new job-why not add a new resolution?-one that will be easy to keep.

Resolution number one: Rev Up Your Sex Life!

Whether you observe this holiday now or at a variant time in the year, that shouldn't stop you from indulging in our list of sensational resolutions. The point is to pick and choose one or two to super-charge your sex life… or heck take on all twenty if you really want to ignite some spice!

Sensational Resolutions

1. Buy new underwear. Yup, you got it-toss those frayed granny panties and update your undergarments with some sexy new style. Pick new ones out with your partner's pleasure in mind. With the multitude of new fabrics and styles available, you'll be sure to find some sexy pieces which offer comfort to your shape too.

2. Feed your lover grapes. When the clock strikes midnight in Spain, twelve grapes are eaten to assure good luck. Flex the tradition a little and have you and your partner feed them to each other. You may have good luck and will certainly be well on your path to getting lucky that night.

3. Practice kissing. Use your lover as your practice toy and take some time to perfect your art.

4. Wear more red. A stimulating color, red is the hottest of the warm color spectrum. Red inspires passion, love, and power-try it out and see what this vibrant hue can do for you.

5. Plan an intimate vacation. Take time out this year to plan a pleasure cruise for you and your mate. Even if an escapist weekend at a hotel while the kids stay with a sitter, the quality time alone will spark your love life.

6. Buy a set of pearls. And then figure out some fun ways to wear them. Hint: they offer pleasure when gently rolled along sensitive body parts.

7. Take pictures. Video cameras and Polaroids can be fun additions to the bedroom. If you haven't tried playing fashion shoot or taping an encounter-give it a go this year. If you are modest or fearful of the scenes getting out, simply erase the tape or shred the pictures when you are done.

8. Write a love letter. Take a few minutes to express to your significant other how much you value them, or simply how darn sexy you think they are. Not good with words? No biggie, get a pre-printed card instead and sign your name with X's and O's.

9. Cook a gourmet meal. Food is known for being the way to the heart and good for the soul. Pick a day to dazzle your lover with an exceptional meal and offer yourself up as dessert.

10. Play with your food. Along the same lines, use your food in creative new sexy ways. You may never want to leave the kitchen.

11. Eat more chocolate. As if we needed a reason to-chocolate is the nourishment of the Gods, containing chemicals thought to mimic the effects of sexual pleasure. In combination with a good glass of red wine, the effects (and antioxidant effect to boot) are said to be dizzying! Who are we to argue? Go on, indulge.

12. Think sexy. Reprogram your brain to take a walk on the wild side. Read a sexy novel or watch a sexy movie for ideas. Close your eyes and visualize encounters. Take the time to experience your sensual self.

13. Pamper yourself. Get a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, or even update your wardrobe. It may go without saying, but the better you feel about yourself, the more desirable you will feel. Plus, your partner is sure to enjoy the results of the extra efforts.

14. Exercise in bed. Okay, okay, so you probably have some sort of health or fitness resolution already, but be sure to add a few nights of nooky to your exercise calendar. According to, depending upon your weight and level of activity, you'll burn anywhere from 60 to 160 calories per hour. Maybe not the most effect weight loss tool, but think how much more fun you'll have by adding it to your daily exercise routine.

15. Sleep late. The amount of sleep you get may have a direct impact on your disposition and sexual drive. Be sure to catch the proper amount of zz's (7-8 hours on average) between your matress romps.

16. Give a hug. Hugging is a great way to show your love and increase the love quotient in your relationships. Give your partner an unexpected hug or make a point to hug them each time you see them. Hugging often leads to kissing… and you know that may just lead to much more…

17. Show some skin. Instead of bundling up each day to stave off the winter cold, turn your thermostat up a little and bare some bod. Trade your sweats in for a sexy outfit or skimpy pajamas. Your partner will appreciate the heat.

18. Whisper sweet nothings. Make a point to tell your partner about your love and desire for them throughout the year. Appreciation is one of the best gifts you might offer.

19. Play games. Consider role playing, a game of strip poker, or other fun alternatives to try. Be frisky, be playful, and have fun.

20. Smile. There is nothing more infectious or sexier than a smile. It instantly puts you and your lover in a good mood. Smile big… and then rip their clothes off.

Whatever you choose for the New Year, be sure to keep your sexy resolutions at the top of your list!

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