The Problem With Relationship Quizzes

The relationship and dating quizzes that are found in women's magazines are not helpful. Here is why you should not use relationship quizzes.

The Problem With Relationship Quizzes

Have you ever picked up a womens magazine, flipped through the pages to find a quiz that will reveal your category in the bedroom or your ability to attract a man? We all have, most of us have even taken the quiz only to find the results to be not quite what we expected.

I as a woman for one, am sick of being targeted to spice up things in my bedroom or to be the one to fix problems in the relationship. Doesn't it take two to make a relationship work? Ofcourse it does and there are too many articles geared at women.

A single friend of mine took a quiz and she was devastated! My friend was having problems dating and the quiz revealed that she intimidated men. Which in turn, created a monster to say the least. My friend began to study, self-help, relationship books, magazines and even bought a series of cassettes on how to get a date.

Another friend of mine literally memorized an article in a well known magazine that detailed ways for women to initiate sex. I have to admit there were a few good positions listed but my grandma could've given better tips on how to initiate sex.

Women have enough on their minds these days without worrying about sex! We work, run households, businesses, educate our children and do amazing things. The last time I checked women were still on top when it comes to what men think about all day, men have loved us since the beginning of time. All I have to do is wink at my husband and he's smoldering!

Well, my single friend did indeed find a date afterall and it had nothing to do with all the studying she did. She simply had a flat tire, a nice man helped her out and asked for her phone number. The other one, I told her a soft passionate kiss can go a long way and it did.

We are all sexy in our own rite even if you classify as a red hot sex kitten or an ice queen, we get the job done without all the hype! So, women the next time you see a "quiz", take it and be able to laugh. Communicate with your partner, just be yourself and you will build a relationship that will weather all seasons!

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