The Most UnWanted Ex

There is no easy way to shake some men. Here are some ways that can help get rid of the MOST unwanted ex.

The Most UnWanted Ex

• Obsessed Exes that would have had a shrine of you but you just seriously, seriously insisted that they shouldn't because of whatever on-the-spot reason you gave them. With people like this, it is difficult to still be their friend because they are clinical and probably need meds. Your "let's be friends" chit chat will always be a marriage proposal to them. Don't call, and don't allow them to just be able to call. Hey, there is always a restraining order

• Cheating Exes who for whatever reason can't seem to stick to the "only" you notion. They have been beyond disrespectful and this really needs to be cut with a really sharp knife. These types understand that you are too good for them. This is when you need to know that you are too good for them and lose a few numbers and fake a few dropped calls. Try to set him up with someone that's less than a friend but not an enemy that you NEVER see. Okay, don't do that to the other woman, but suggest a hook-up to further cement the break-up. Sometimes hints have to be spectacular.

• Abusive/Abuser- Either way they were either hurting them or hurting you. At some point, you needed to take a stand and end it. Now this break up requires that you change your routine. Re-Arranging your work schedule or getting a new job if at all possible. And no more calls at all. You may need to utilize restraining orders, subpoenas, new numbers for all of your phones, and a henchman on speed dial for protection (I am not close to kidding; be brave, not stupid).

There is no easy way to getting rid of an ex for good at first. It seems to be one of those things that just fades away or tapers off with time. In dire situations, you must utilize your resources. You don't have any obligation to him with or without children. If you desire to no longer be involved with him, nothing carries out these goals more than the physical.Get going and do something about it.

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