Ten Insider Tips to Get the Best Deal on Your Valentines Day Flowers

After reading this article you'll be an expert on ordering your Valentine's Day flowers, you'll get what you want and your significant other will be happy as a clam.

Ten Insider Tips to Get the Best Deal on Your Valentines Day Flowers

After 24 years of working at a florist, I have mastered the art of ordering flowers. If you've ever ordered flowers, you know there are some tricky obstacles to overcome. So, with that, I am here to help you get what you want with some insider tips.

Valentine's Day is on a Monday this year and that means you can celebrate over the weekend. Furthermore, it's the first time in years that it is not on a holiday weekend. This means that flower shops will be quite busy, so why not celebrate a few days before and make it easier on us! If our orders are spread out over a few days it's a win win for everyone.

Order early, ask what the designer recommends and, most importantly, be nice ! You get better much service and product in the long run. In our shop, the orders that come in early always get priority.

Don't gripe about the price. Everyone is here to make a living. Our growers raise their prices, so we must as well. Don't worry, it's worth it. Especially if your gal is high maintenance, you must abide.

Send to her workplace, ask for morning delivery...if she is the first to get her flowers, you're in like Flynn.

Pick out something with cymbidium orchids as they last longer than roses and are classy. You can always go the totally uncreative route and order a dozen red roses... [yawn]

Come up with what you want to say on the card before you call, make it unique. Better yet, hand write your own and go to the shop.

Don't use a florist that uses baby's breath or leather fern, it's not 1984 anymore.

Make sure your "date" cares for her flowers, change the water, add the flower food and keep them away from direct sun and heat. If she lets them die, take that as a sign and kick her to the curb.

When you order, add on a tip for the driver. It's amazing what a little cash can do for you. (Better yet, tip the designer, I need the cash!)

Support your neighborhood flower shop! The markets and street vendors are there to make a quick buck. Florists are a dying breed. Not only do we love creating and making people happy, we take the time to pick our flowers, care for them and make sure you get a healthy fresh product!

Last but not least, ladies, like Patti Stanger, from The Millionaire Matchmaker says, "Who's the man here? Don't send flowers to men!" It would be great for our business, but will get you nowhere in love. Unless, he is already your husband...then, go for it and order away!

If you live in the Pasadena/La Canada Flintridge/Glendale/Los Angeles area of Southern California call "Eiji's La Canada Flintridge Florist" at (818) 790-5766 and ask to have Johanna Villard design your Valentine's Day arrangement! We would love to have your business!

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