Signs You Should Fire Your Divorce Attorney

Being able to recognize the signs you should fire your divorce attorney is vital.Also published on:

Signs You Should Fire Your Divorce Attorney

According to, approximately 50% of American marriages end in the courthouse. For a variety of reasons, men and women just can't stay together for life. So, with this in mind, being able to recognize the signs you should fire your divorce attorney is vital. Even when he's highly recommended, if he doesn't work well for you, he needs to go. Here are some warning signs:

1. He also represents your ex.

Don't be a fool. Many exes of high profile celebrities like Mary Harvey (previous wife to Steve Harvey) fall for this trap. They don't have the money to pick the same caliber of attorney as their spouses, so they share one believing they'll get a good deal. Then, they find out the hard way that people rarely play fair during a divorce. Get your own attorney, one who's on your side and that you pay. He will treat you more like a client than one selected by your ex.

2. You don't communicate well.

A big sign you should fire your divorce attorney is that you don't interact effectively. Communication is key to any relationship. If you and your divorce attorney cannot discuss anything without arguing or offending each other, move on. Hire another one that you feel comfortable with, so your settlement is reasonable.

3. He doesn't answer your calls.

Can't get your divorce attorney on the phone - ever? Let him go. Although your divorce attorney is probably busy with many clients, this fact isn't an excuse to push you to the wayside. You should receive return calls within 24 to 48 hours. If this timeline is too hard for your divorce attorney, search for a new one who is more available.

4. He has a poor history of success.

Another major sign you should fire your divorce attorney is that he has a history of losing. Winning isn't everything until you have you have your kids, money, house and car on the line. You don't want to rest your future in the hands of a person who doesn't have the chops or know-how to win in court. Beg, borrow and steal in order to pay for the kind of attorney that can best represent you. Otherwise, be ready to pay the consequences.

5. You're not getting anything you want.

Why do people seek out divorce attorneys? They hire them in order to leave a marriage with their "fair" share. If you're working with someone who isn't getting this for you, fire him. Out of a list of five, you should at least get two things you really wanted from your ex. Otherwise, you paid the wrong person to represent you.

The above are five signs you should fire your divorce attorney. Consider them the next time you are ready to leave a marriage.

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