Sex and Marriage Making Your Marriage FUN

Here are five ways to rekindle the FUN in your marriage!

Sex and Marriage Making Your Marriage FUN

Do you remember back when you and your spouse first met? Those first days and months were full of fun and laughter. Sometimes the fun fades as the days go by. Sometimes the laughter turns to seriousness as the years go by. It doesn't have to though! Spouses of marriages of 50 years can still have just as much fun together as those who are newly engaged! Here are five ways to rekindle the FUN in your marriage!

1. Take time to just be together. When two people just be themselves together doing nothing in-particular the mood is light and playful. If you and your spouse just be, together, one of you is sure to initiate something silly and fun. Couples really need this lighthearted time together in order to sustain a healthy marriage. Although life is serious business, being serious all the time and not allowing yourselves to have lighthearted, free spirited time together can actually harm your marriage.

2. Go outside! In is human nature to love and admire nature. Outside is full of opportunities for couples to be playful and have fun together! Here are just a few possibilities. Outside you and your lover a snowman, go sled riding, dance in the rain, catch fireflies, play tag, go swimming, watch the stars together, or even take a hike! There is no end to the list of fun things that you and your spouse can do together outside.

3. Play a game! Games aren't just for the kids you know! Couples can have loads of fun and a lot of laughs together as they play a silly or mind boggling game. The fun doesn't end with the board games though...almost every family has a Nintendo or a Playstation now a days. My husband and I have had loads of fun playing all sorts of games together. Give it a try!

4. Tell some jokes. Over the years we hear all sorts of jokes told. We hear them from friends and family, or on the radio. We even see them on TV or read them in books or magazines. There are millions of jokes just waiting to be heard or to be told. I must admit that some of them are pretty darn funny too!!! Tell your spouse the funniest joke you can think of, and then ask them to tell you one back. Once the laughs start it will be hard to stop them!

5. Make love. This is the one kind of fun that is reserved especially for spouse. If you are your spouse are felling bored and are looking for some fun then why not...just go at it....literally! Making love not only provides you with some one on one fun, but it also releases chemicals in your body that naturally lighten your mood!

In order for a marriage to be fully happy and healthy couples must take some time out of each day top have some fun together. I have listed five great ways to have some fun, but there are many, many more. See if you and your spouse can come up with some together!!!

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