Relationship Survival Hobbies

Five "couple-friendly" hobbies for you and your partner.

Relationship Survival Hobbies

A key component to a healthy and successful relationship is spending valuable time together. Often when two individuals begin to date, they have varying interests and hobbies. If your boyfriend is unwilling to try yoga or your girlfriend is unwilling to go to a baseball game, try one of these "couple-friendly" hobbies. As an added way to spend time together, start a couple's blog about your new hobby.

1. Outdoor Activities: Hiking, running and biking are all great outdoor activities that are perfect for couples. Tackling outdoor adventures will develop your teamwork skills, strengthen communication, and provide a great workout. As a couple, set a goal of running a certain number of miles or biking in a race. Outdoor activities also lend themselves to a dose of friendly competition, so don't be afraid to bring the heat.

2. Connoisseurs: Become experts on wine, beer, cheese, chocolate or any other food. Plan trips to visit wineries and compare your favorites. Many wineries host classes to understand the art of wine tasting. Develop a deeper understanding of beer by visiting microbreweries. For a simpler variation, experiment with varieties of chocolate and cheese on a Saturday night at home.

3. Entertainment: Broaden your horizons as a couple and try a completely new genre of entertainment. Experience new types of music together; visit a jazz club or attend an orchestra performance. Attend a ballet or musical. If you aren't into fine arts, strive to see all of the latest blockbuster movies or frequent comedy clubs. Afterward, you can compare your likes and dislikes.

4. Traveling: Traveling is a great way to spend time together and have fantastic new experiences. Plan weekend trips to nearby cities or save up for a big adventure. Traveling is a great way to extend your relationship past the confines of everyday life. You'll experience your partner in a completely new environment.

5. Hosting Dinner Parties: This is a great way to introduce friends and family as you and your partner begin to intertwine lives. Develop interesting themes for your dinner parities. South of the Border can consist of margaritas, tacos and a pinata. For a sophisticated option, plan a five course meal. For a casual party, do a potluck with guests bringing their favorite dish. Plan games or other activities to keep guests entertained. After a few successful parties, you'll be the most popular couple in town.

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