ProFlowers Valentines Special is Way Too Good

ProFlowers All-In-One Valentine's Day Special includes 12 long-stemmed roses, ruby vase, chocolate truffles, and a teddy bear. You get to explain why you chose to give a discounted Valentine's gift.

ProFlowers Valentines Special is Way Too Good

From online, to print, to broadcast media, ProFlowers is making its presence felt. If you aren't aware of the current ProFlowers promotion, you are the most inattentive human on the planet, and you probably don't even know that Monday is Valentine's Day. You also deserve to be single, and ProFlowers can help.

ProFlowers is offering an incredible Valentine's Day deal. The Problem: they are doing such a thorough job promoting it, you won't get away with giving it to anyone.

Dubbed the "All-In-One Valentine's Day Special," the offer includes 12 long-stemmed red roses, a ruby vase, chocolates and a stuffed bear. Wonderful, tried-and-true Valentine's gifts all. And you get it all for one low price. With a ProFlowers Coupon Code, you save even more.

There is nothing wrong with saving money, even while gift shopping. The issues arise when you get caught doing it, especially on Valentine's Day. This is an occasion to convey your love to the one's you care about. Do you want the pure expression of your feelings to come with a big CLEARANCE tag attached to it?

The All-In-One Special is a true bargain. Valentine's Day just isn't the right time for it. And don't try to get all hoopy-clever and wrap the items individually as if you did a bunch of shopping. Worse is the idea of doling them out separately. Your significant, your mother, and yes, jerk, even your mistress knows about this promo by now. Each of the special women in your life will know just what you are up to, then BINGO, you're single again.

Get it for your Grandmother. She still watches TV, and knows about it too, but will still love it. Don't forget a card.

Shop Smart. Happy Valentine's Day

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