Online Dating is for Liars Losers and Creeps

It still mystifies me that in this age of the internet, e-commerce, online education and social media marketing that so many still believe this silly myth to keep them from using online dating sites.

Online Dating is for Liars Losers and Creeps

According to a 2019 survey conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey for 1 in 5 singles have dated someone they met using an internet dating service. My husband and I (now married over 4 years) met using an online dating site. We also have several friends who met/married their significant others the same way. Numbers simply don't lie.

People buy toys, cars, clothing, software, food products, dietary supplements, health and wellness products, home furnishings, jewelry, contact lenses, cosmetics, office supplies, electronic goods, various entertainment media online. Folks make travel arrangements; books flights, rent cars, reserve hotel rooms via the internet to destinations all over the world. You can find quotes from insurance professionals for products ranging the gamut for both personal as well as business consumption on the internet. People do their banking online. They even purchase homes online. Surely, this demonstrates the fact that there are reliable people using the internet to connect with one another. Why then is it still so hard for so many people who are 30-something and above to believe that "only desperate losers" or "sociopaths with hidden agendas" constitute the vast majority of the online community? The fact is that many mature people have very busy lives. The internet offers a wider pool of perspective dates one can seek at their leisure from the comfort of home.

3 Easy ways to separate online fact from fiction:

1. The first rule is always "let the buyer beware." Simply put, if it seems to good to be true then it most likely is. However, if you don't ask the question, the answer is always, "No." If the dream girl whose images are on that profile is a bot or webcam girl they will quickly reveal their agenda. Hit the delete button and move on. Ladies, if the guy claims to make bank he won't ask you to meet him at the bus stop or ask you to go dutch when the tab is placed on the table.

2. Do not engage in years of flowery email exchanges and/or online chatting. If you are not engaging in a long distance relationship, then exchange cell numbers quickly. If the conversation goes well then set up a meeting in a public place. Be safe but cut to the chase and see if the initial chemistry translates to real time.

3. Be honest in your portrayal of yourself, your situation, who and what you are seeking on the particular online dating service you are using. Chances are if you are being 100% accurate, then you will get a more honest response.

You are an exceptional individual who has specific criteria regarding what you find appealing in a perspective mate. So then it would stand to reason that it will take more than one date to find that specific person who is, in turn specifically looking for you. Enjoy the process. Have fun and don't take it personally if your needs and wants are not in alignment. Cut ties quickly and holler, "Next!" This will move you one date closer to finding "Mr/Ms Right" or at the very least "Mr/Ms Right Now".

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