Online Dating and the Sex Department

Are Americans losing their wits when it comes to dating and the sex department?

Online Dating and the Sex Department

The online dating gig made me a little apprehensive until my dentist shared that's how she met her husband a few years ago. So I gave it a whirl. Came up with the perfect picture, wrote an account of myself and what I was looking for, and walaa ... I began corresponding with lots of men that lived in my area.

Wisdom can kick in at just about any age, to be fair, it can leave us at any age. We all wish to be wise in our pursuits yet the truth is our intelligence is at odds with our sex drive. No one alive who is not a virgin can honestly say that they have not given into their sex drive and left their mind at home a time or two.

There is no reason to believe that we should be ashamed of ourselves if that has happened, but what about those that it only happened once and that was enough to destroy their life? Promiscuity is like playing Russian Roulette. You're given a revolver with only one round loaded in the chamber and you keep pointing it at your head and pulling the trigger every time you remove your clothes.

Society today, much like the Roman Empire, pressures people to be promiscuous. The problem is that our society is not structured around promiscuity. American society is built around the time honored tradition of the family unit. Values such as faithfulness and friendship, the real meanings of fatherhood and motherhood are being systematically wiped out of our culture at the hands of what? Promiscuity.

The effects of promiscuity trickle into our lives in varied ways ... how does this effect our children? How does this effect our economy? What kind of a future are we investing in? The biggest moneymaker in American society is the oil industry, do you know what's number two? Yes you guessed it, SEX. The adult entertainment industry is not just number two here, it is worldwide. Pornographic films are a multibillion-dollar industry. This is followed by adult dance clubs and then by prostitution. The sad thing about this industry, like any other, the poor men and women in the trenches doing all the hard work, (insert laugh here) are not the ones getting rich off of this. The poor men and women doing all the work are just another set of humans giving into their sex drives. How sad is that?

The third biggest moneymaker in America is the pharmaceutical industry. Have you noticed all of the new drug therapy commercials that are cropping up? STD's are spreading through this country in epidemic proportions. Herpes, genital warts, new strains of gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis B and Aids are all on the rise. 65 million people in the U.S. have contracted and donated these fun little diseases to our culture. (there are only 280 million of us) 1 in 4 of us have genital herpes and 80 percent of us don't even know it. These numbers come from the CDC if you wish to confirm, I must say I was shocked. With all these commercials about the new treatments for STD's, I guess most of us are beginning to think promiscuity is a normal thing.

I'm leaving the online dating for now, most of the dudes I've met don't understand that the sex department is reserved for committments - not dating. I'd much rather be enjoying the process of friendship, and getting to know someone from the waist up.

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