My Valentines Proposal

A story about my Valentine's proposal to my girlfriend in 2019.

My Valentines Proposal

Our relationship hasn't been the most typical. Throughout our time together, I have worked at a restaurant, while she has either been in school in another state, or working at a grocery store. We don't necessarily have what you would call a cooperative schedule. That is the reason why we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 15th last year.

I had known for a couple of months what I was planning. I bought her a beautiful diamond pendant and made sure to give her that as the 'gift'. She would never expect a double gift. Little did she know when she opened that box that she'd be getting more carats later on.

We decided that we would stay in for dinner. Amy said she would cook and I decided I would make the dessert. I made sure to ask what type of cake, frosting and toppings she would like. I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I remembered a conversation we had one day about the customized M M;'s. We saw a commercial and both agreed that it was a really cool concept. So January came, and I decided to order the M M;'s for the proposal. I ordered the M M;'s to say Amy, I love you, Will you Marry Me? The other side of the candies had our favorite picture. It was a perfect idea.

The night before, I made the cake. My mom watched in shock as I put this all together. My parents were the only people in my family that knew what was going on. I put the flavored frosting she wanted, the sprinkles she wanted and put my message in M M; form on the cake. I had school the next morning, but lucky for me, since I live in the northeast, it was cold enough for me to leave the cake in my car while I went to class. I arrived at her house after class with the question, "Where's the cake?"

"Oh, it's in my car. No need to waste fridge space on it, my car will work," I replied. I dodged a bullet.

We ate our dinner and I decided we should let the dinner digest first before eating the cake. "Why don't you call your parents so they come have cake with us?" I asked her. Her parents knew what was happening that night too. Her parents arrived and it was my time to go get the cake.

I set it up on the table and said, "Hey Amy, why don't you cut the cake?" As she walked to the cake, I pulled the ring out of my pocket and went on a knee behind her. For what seemed like an eternity, she stood there looking at the cake. Finally, she uttered, "Seriously?" as she turned around to see me with the ring in my hand. She said "yes," which basically sealed my fate when it comes to beating each year's gift. Guess we'll both have to keep thinking back to 2019.

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