Is a Break Up on Its Way

Tell take signs that your relationship is on it's way out of the door wearing your best running stiletto's!

Is a Break Up on Its Way

OK so its not the most rosy of dating topics, however it may help to either give you either a boot up the bum to take a hold of that fading relationship, or make you realize that its time to call it a day with your man.

When reading this if you start nodding in agreement to 2 or more points, then my dears start planning for single life... Lets firstly take a look at your side:


You find yourself making excuses:

Every moment of every minute of every day was still not enough to be with this man at one time. You loved his company and just couldn't get enough of him.

But - do you now find yourself making excuses not to see him? When he calls, texts or emails, do you find yourself not willing to answer? Are you always 'busy'?

If so, pick up on the fact that you are no longer feeling the bond with your bloke and maybe you are not destined to be together forever after all.

You feel claustrophobic:

Do you sometimes feel as if you are fighting for fresh air? Do you feel like your freedom has ebbed away? Has that i ndependence that was once an attractive quality of yours disappeared and now you feel like a caged animal?

All signs that its time to break free of this relationship and move on. Yes you may think you love your guy, but is it because you feel that you can't make it on your own in the outside world?

You have misplaced your libido:

Like many of us, your sex life probably flourished in the beginning; in fact were you making excuses to meet up in your lunch break just to have some lunch time loving? (or was that just me and Brad Pitt?). Morning noon and night just were not enough for you to lay your hands on your man. So what's changed since then?

Yes it's normal to have less sex after being with your beau for some time, but when it comes to the point that you feel physically sick if he makes a move, then you're in trouble.

If your sub conscious has not made itself perfectly clear by now, try leaving it a while longer until you actually vomit during the act. It will be clear then.

You get irritated easily:

Once I'm sure you had buckets full of patience with your man. You found his quirky ways funny and attractive. You even thought his snoring was delightfully cute. Does o nce found and thought now seem to be way back in your distant memories?

Do you now find his snoring horrific and because of this you can't sleep and his 'quirky' ways are now so disgusting that you not only make rude gestures behind his back when he leaves a room but you also want to shove his not so 'attractive' arse out the door and into outer space? Oh Dear.

When you no longer find your man attractive you are flogging a dead horse and there is no going back.

If you are feeling any of the above then its time to have a close look at your relationship. If you are unhappy, instead of carrying on with this awful situation - GET OUT!

You are not duty bound to stay with this man forever and you are also not doing him any favors by staying together.

Chances are that your bloke will have already picked up on your irritation, excuses, need for space and lack of sex. Do the boy a favor and release him back into the wild so you are not wasting any more of his or your own time.

Now its his turn to be scrutinized:


He calls or texts less:

Think back to the days where he used to call just to say hello, or the times he used to text for nothing more than to make contact. Do those days seem long gone now? Do you wait for a call that never seems to come?

This is a sign that your man is loosing interest in you and fast! There could be someone that is getting more of the attention than you.

It's time to do your homework and get out. If you don't, it will only be a matter of time before you get dumped.

He's become more critical:

Once you couldn't do anything wrong in your mans eyes. You were put on a pedestal and worshiped like a princess.

But was that then and is this now?

Has your bloke become a lot more honest? Does he now tell you that your bum looks big in every outfit? Does it seem that whatever you do you just cannot please him?

If so, this is a sign that your feelings no longer matter and he doesn't care any more if he upsets you. A man can't force himself to have feelings if they are no longer there, just as much as a woman can't.

Conversations turn into arguments:

Once upon a time you used to talk about anything and everything. People used to be jealous when seeing the two of you out together laughing and joking. If you were not physically with your man then you would be on the phone, msn or Facebook together for hours on end. Sound familiar?

If you used to do all of the above but now find it difficult to make conversation without it turning into a complaining session, or god forbid and argument - then he is less interested in making time to find out how your day was and more interested in picking a fight.

When the fighting starts, he may be intentionally doing this to use the classic 'it's not you, it's me' line and this guy is about to put his running shoes on so beware!

He's changed his appearance:

Has he suddenly started making an effort when going out? Has he started wearing new cologne, got himself a hair cut and bought stylish new outfits when before he just did not bother? Has he suddenly got a tattoo when he knows you just can't stand them? Oh dear, rocky shores ahead.

Well, to put it bluntly, he does not care whether you like his tattoo or not . If he's not taking you out yet still getting all dolled up, then someone else is benefiting his new look.

That someone else probably loves his new tattoo and the amount of effort your fella is putting in. Get ready.

If 2 or more of these points ring true to you then I hate to say it but it seems like it's over. Off course you can try to put the lust and love back into this relationship and make him realize why he fell for you in the first place, and that my dears is not as hard as it sounds. But the fact of the matter is, do you really want to?

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