How to Rehab a Lousy Lover

Want to rehab a lousy lover? Try these six suggestionsAlso published on:

How to Rehab a Lousy Lover

Want to rehab a lousy lover? Try these six suggestions. By applying them, you can improve your partner's techniques.

1. Be honest.

Gently tell your lover that you are not happy with your sex life. Explain to him that you want to experiment and try a few new things. If you don't point the finger at him and blame him for your predicament, he will be more likely to work with you without any hard feelings.

2. Go to a show.

When was the last time you watched a live show? Rehab a lousy lover by taking him to one that is geared towards couples. You can find this type of entertainment in your neighborhood by perusing the downtown area of your city. Use what you see as a visual and point out to your lover what you would enjoy.

3. Watch a video.

These days, you can purchase a variety of videos that illustrate the art of making love. From a step-by-step instructional to a saucy porno, you obtain information in many formats. Pick a style that you are comfortable with and present it to your lover. You can have fun mimicking what you see and learning more about what pleases you.

4. Change venues.

Is all of your lovemaking done at home in your bedroom? Rehab a lousy lover by going to a hotel or "christening" another space in your house. By changing your surroundings, you can spice up your love life. Surprisingly, what normally bores you may appear more interesting because you're not looking at the same four walls.

5. Switch positions.

If you're only having sex in the missionary position, it's time for a change. Get on top. Lie on your side. Stand up. By switching positions, you will experience sex in a different way. The new sensations you feel can revive a dull love life and inspire you to try more things.

6. Seek counseling.

Worried that your partner my have a deep set issue that prevents him from fully engaging in sex? Rehab a lousy lover by seeking counseling. In cases where a man has been molested as a child or taught that sex is evil, he may need professional help in order to be free sexually. Get more details about sex therapy by visiting

Ready to improve your love life? Use the above six suggestions and put the fire back into your bedroom.

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