How Prodromal Psychosis May Lead to Spousal Abuse

If you are victim of spousal abuse, here is what you need to know about prodromal psychosis and how it may lead to abuse in a relationship.

How Prodromal Psychosis May Lead to Spousal Abuse

Mental health disorders can lead to a variety of interpersonal relationship complications including the development of spousal abuse. If you are the victim of spousal abuse, it is important to consider how your partner's mental state of being, and the presence of prodromal psychosis, may be to blame.

In adults who suffer from prodromal psychosis, there are a variety of symptoms that manifest and are often not related to a psychosis complication. The term "prodromal" refers to the early stage of symptoms in a mental health complication and in adults who are victims of spousal abuse, the onset of the abuse may be attributed to an early mental health complication. It is important, therefore, that you consider how your partner may benefit from mental health services.

Social withdrawal, changes in concentration and focus, and even complications with sleeping, are all symptoms of psychosis that develop early in the mental health disorder. Often, and especially in men, when prodromal psychosis leads to these symptoms, there is confusion and anger of the sudden change in mood and behavior. Unfortunately, when frustrated, the mentally ill patient may take out that aggression on those who are closest to them - even leading to spousal abuse complications.

If you are suffering from spousal abuse, there is never a reason to stay with a partner who is abusive towards you. But, in your process of making a transition away from the relationship, it may also be prudent to assist your partner in seeking out mental health diagnosis and treatment to determine if prodromal psychosis is a possible cause. Ultimately, with the right diagnosis and treatment, you may find that your partner's behavior and mood is important and this can lead to a more health relationship for you.

Spousal abuse is typically associated with some form of mental health complication in the person who is abusing a loved one. If there has been a sudden onset of abuse in your relationship, be sure to consider how prodromal psychosis may be to blame. Without proper treatment and diagnosis, you may never be able to cease the spousal abuse and your relationship with your abuser should cease.

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