Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

Impress your date and save some pennies by choosing creative, frugal date ideas. Your date will surely be impressed with your creativity and you will be pleased at the savings!

Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

Dating can be expensive. Outings in general tend to be pricey, especially dinners and movies. In particular, the prices at most movie theaters have sky-rocketed! While you may be able to mitigate prices by sneaking in your own snacks, consider some possible frugal date ideas that are both fun and will not make you and your date feel as though you are suffering.


Check out a local museum. Now, museums in most major cities are not exactly cheap. The entry fee for yourself and a date will be close to $20.That will not break the bank, but that money could be better spent for a delicious dessert after ward! For a frugal date, find out when the museum offers free admission. Almost every large museum has this offer. Generally on the first Thursday or Friday of the month, admission is free!


If your city has an arboretum, take your date to enjoy it with you. They have a plethora of lovely flowers and plants. Explore it together and take pictures in front of the lovely sights. If there is an entry fee, it is usually a nominal amount. The added bonus of the arboretum, aside from being inexpensive, is that it gives a lot of time and information for conversation.

Cook an Unusual Meal

Cook an unusual and difficult meal together. Do not just go for the easy spaghetti or chicken recipes. Make it an adventure. Choose a recipe that neither of you have ever cooked before. Bonus points for choosing a recipe from an unfamiliar type of cuisine. Some options include Ethiopian or Russian recipes. Shop for ingredients together and craft a delicious dinner.

Explore a City

A frugal date idea is to explore a new city together. This does not have to be a huge metropolis in your area. Choose a city that is within 100 miles and that you both have not spent much time in previously. Take your cameras and wander around. Check out some local eateries bakeries and shops.

It is not necessary to spend exorbitant amounts of cash to have a fabulous time. If you utilize one of the frugal date ideas on someone that you are recently dating, she is likely to think that you are just being creative, not cheap. If you are in a long-term relationship, she will likely appreciate being frugal and also your creative ideas.

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