Four Wacky Ways to Avoid Valentines Day Fever

You love the spirit of Valentine's Day, but hate all the hype. How do you and your honey celebrate without succumbing to love overkill?Also published on:

Four Wacky Ways to Avoid Valentines Day Fever

You can always tell when Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Supermarket and drug store aisles are flooded with red boxes of chocolates, fuzzy stuffed toys, and other nauseating goodies. Florists are extra busy around this time, arranging plant life that's supposed to remind our sweeties about how much we love them. It's way too easy to overdose on the super-saturated images pop culture delivers to us every February. While you may not want to ditch the entire notion of Valentine's Day altogether, you're probably looking for ways to avoid the commercialized hype-affectionately known as Valentine's Day Fever.

The Biggest Bouquet in the World

Instead of relying on the requisite bunch of red roses, treat your lover to an entire day of flowers. Strolling through your local botanical garden is like giving your loved one a million bouquets all at once. You'll also be surprised by how much being surrounded by flowers gives your mood an instant boost.

Change the Color of Love

Sick of seeing red? You're probably amongst millions who are repulsed by the hue by the end of February. So why not select another signature color to represent how you spend the holiday. Make purple your new color of love. Find different ways to enjoy this sumptuous color. Wow him in violet-hued lingerie. Outfit your romantic dinner table with various hues of purple. Dine on sexy purple foods: grapes or...eggplant? (You get the idea.)

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan

Explore how other countries celebrate Valentine's Day and put a playful spin on the holiday. For example, the Japanese are said to celebrate the holiday on two different days: February 14th and March 14th, with one sex giving gifts to the other on each date. Why not do the same? In Thailand, the government refuses the filing of divorces on Valentine's Day. You and your honey could draw up a love pact, citing the things that have helped you to stay together. Use the customs of other countries to draw inspiration.

Host a Private "Lock-In" Party

Lock-in parties typically refer to slumber party-like affairs thrown for high school students. Kids are ultimately "locked-in" at a safe venue where they can party with supervision until the wee hours of the morning. Apply some similar rules to your Valentine's Day celebration. Plan to spend 24 hours without leaving the house or having any contact with the outside world. Stock the fridge with your favorite luxurious goodies. Remove cell phones/blackberries from the premises (or at least, "lock" them away.) Arrange an entire itinerary of activities you can enjoy indoors. The object of your romantic "Lock-In" is to ignore how the rest of the world celebrates, and tune-in to your own special rituals.


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