Dos and Donts of Being Intimate

Are you concern about giving your partner the wrong impression read more to discover what you may be doing wrong.

Dos and Donts of Being Intimate

1. Shower Fresh

In the event you had a seriously long day which included some perspiration do not hesitate to shower first. Sometimes we take for granted what others may experience or how sensitive one's olfactory sense may be. In addition, do not overload your date's nostrils with cologne or perfume. Use something light and appealing. You will already be close most of the time so there is no need to have on a bold fragrance that can be detected 50 feet from your partner.

2. Be consistent

If you are the individual that usually picks up the movie, dinner, etc. Then continue to do so unless discussed with your partner to do otherwise. Consistency also applies to other positive behaviors we display such as greeting one with a kiss or hug. The day you do not follow through your significant other will suspect some potential quarrel or hostility. We all naturally desire consistency especially from our spouses or partners.

3. Practice Reciprocity - You get what you give.

In all relationships we should practice reciprocity. In other words, do not give to get but give because you love. When significant others practice reciprocating affection, love notes, gifts, kisses, and other exchanges there is a healthy sense of security developed overtime. In addition, do not take your significant other for granted if you are always on the receiving end of the deal. Give something back even if it is a compliment or a walk in the park.

4. Watch out for Flatulence!

Flatulence is the presence of gas under some degree of pressure, in a confined space. We all know what happens in those circumstances…we belch or pass gas. If you feel the potent beast rising take a break and head to the restroom for a personal intermission.

5. Do not answer your cell phone.

If you and your significant other are in the heat of the moment do not answer that call! Although you are not in a staff meeting it can be inconsiderate to the other person if you accept the call. Even if the two of you are merely watching a DVD on the couch it can still be "disrespectful" to take the call. Think about how you would feel if your significant other received a call while you were snuggled with them on the couch watching your favorite movie.

6. Communicate

Practice open lines of communication; verbal as well as nonverbal. All females and all males do not have the some communication style however there are some generalizations. Do not yield to stereotypes of how your partner may or may not communicate. Never assume! When in doubt simply ask. Everyone was raised in different households therefore there may be some behaviors that are considered inappropriate or disrespectful. Learn the one you love….it is worth in the investment.

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