Cold Feet When He Wont Commit to Marriage

Are you ready to get married, but your man is not? Maybe you haven't talked about it or maybe he has told you upfront he is not ready. No matter what, you need to access the situation and decide what you should do.

Cold Feet When He Wont Commit to Marriage

Of course, you could always knock him over the head and drag him down the aisle. Or you could do what most women do and wait…and wait…and wait. The thing is that you likely don't want to do either of these things. You may just want your Prince Charming to come to his senses and get down on his knee, without prodding or threatening.

The key to getting a man to consider marriage as the next step is to talk about it without pressure. You can hint around that you are ready to get married, without being overbearing. As soon as you start nagging, you can forget it! Men hate when women nag and they are more likely to go the opposite way if you start bugging them about marriage. You can lay out magazines with brides on the front, or even ring advertisements. You just have to be sure your hints are very subtle. If he asks you about it, claim you have no idea what he is talking about.

Keep in mind that just because your man is not ready to get married, does not mean he is not committed to you and your relationship. Some men take a little longer to get use to the idea. If you have been dating for years and he still cringes when the subject is brought up, try having a heart-to-heart with him about how you feel. If you are on completely opposite sides of the issue, you might even want to reconsider your relationship. Of course, he might just need a little more time to digest the thought of legally being together. So, you might want to consider giving him a while to think about it.

In any case, marriage certainly doesn't suit every couple. You would likely rather wait for your boyfriend to be completely ready, than get married and end up divorced because he realized he wasn't ready after you spoke your vows. Give him time, but let him know where your heart is. Statistics say he will come around!

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