Can Men and Women Be Friends

A look at the long asked question of whether friendship is possible between the sexes

Can Men and Women Be Friends

Perhaps one of the most debated relationship questions worldwide is the age old, "Can men and women ever be just friends?" Both sides argue their point heatedly, firmly convince that their belief is right. As with most things, there is no absolute answer. There will always be exceptions to a rule.

Generally speaking, men and women can be platonic friends without any romantic feelings. However, there are some men and some women who can not be friends only. Confusing, isn't it? To understand what is meant, it is necessary to take a closer look at individual people and the surrounding circumstances.

When two people of the opposite sex feel no physical attraction to each other, yet are drawn together by mutual admiration and respect..... they can develop a friendship. Usually this set of individuals will never have romantic feelings toward the other, which saves them from complications.

On the other hand, there are cases when one person is attracted to another and would like the relationship to become more intimate. Unfortunately for him/her, the other person does not return those feelings. In these circumstances a type of friendship is possible, but it is much more volatile and vulnerable than the norm. There are simply too many potential landmines to comfortably navigate that kind of relationship.

There is no one size fits all answer to the question. Some people, in some cases, are perfectly capable of having a platonic friendship. Others are not. It is all dependent on the individuals involved and their particular situation.

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