Can Divorce Be Contagious

A new study proves that divorce can be contagious. How contagious depends on the relationship you shared with the divorcing couple.

Can Divorce Be Contagious

A new study that was described on proves that divorce can be contagious? How contagious depends on the relationship you shared with the divorcing couple. The closer you are to the couple, the more contagious they are it seems.

A simple breakdown shows that if you are a close friend or a relative of the divorcing couple your risk of catching the divorce is at a high rate of 75%. If you are a coworker of the divorcing couple, you are at an average rate of 55% of catching it. If you are a friend of a friend of the couple who are divorcing you are a little lower rate of 33% of catching it. Finally, if you the brother or sister of the couple divorcing and not really close to the couple, your rate is at a low 22% of catching it.

Why is divorce contagious?

Could it be the grass is always greener on the other side mentality? Could it be that once you see one marriage fail you begin to find fault in your own?

How can you prevent from falling victim to divorce, even when it is contagious and your closest friend is currently in the middle of one?

First, realize it is not you in the middle of the divorce. Realize that his/her relationship is not necessarily yours. Do not compare the two. This is where disaster begins to strike. People begin to see problems that may not even really be there.

Secondly, pay more attention to your own marriage. Make real quality time for you and your mate. Actually, go on date dates together doing things you both enjoy. Actually, begin talking to each other again and this means talking about more subjects than bills, the new noise the car is making and the kids.

Thirdly, make time for hot and sweaty sex, like you did in the beginning of your relationship. If you have to do it, schedule it. Just make time for it and learn to enjoy it, again.

Finally, take a look around you. Look at your mate and your life. Appreciate what you have and remember what may appear greener may now may look like puny yellow in the morning.


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