Best Mistake I Ever Made

After twenty five years of marriage what I considered to be a mistake turned into a blessing.

Best Mistake I Ever Made

The Best Mistake I Ever made

Last December when my wife asked me for a special gift for our Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary, I bluntly replied: �Do you want me to celebrate the mistake for twenty-fifth time?' Of course, I meant the petty differences over which we fought all these years, our nagging quarrels often punctuated by �Drop dead' sort of affectionate addresses. Moreover, her short height (5') made it impossible to walk together: I (5'10") with longer strides, move always 50 metres ahead of her and then wait for her to make up.

In Calcutta of 1980s, divorce was rare, and I shuddered to think of the harm it would do to my son' psyche. I had read about youth whose abnormal behavior could be traced to their broken home. Educating our son and planning about his career kept us so busy that we grew old unawares. But after twenty five years we have mellowed enough to iron out the differences and celebrate this mistake by gifting her a gold necklace of her choice.

Before marriage my wife promised to pursue her studies, I was preparing for a teaching career. But as she didn't keep her word, I felt betrayed. I bore a grudge and often reminded her sarcastically. I knew it was going to be an incompatible marriage. I couldn't share or discuss the books and magazines I read and felt frustrated. She always switched on the soap opera.

She had no ambition for any career, but was fond of spending which put hardship on my meager income. But as a homemaker she was unusually competent. She brought up my only child with diligence and care and insisted on the best education available. As I persuaded her to take up cooking lessons, she came to be recognized as the best among my family and friends.

With years the incompatibility I felt so acutely in the beginning gradually narrowed. The sexual harmony was achieved through understanding for each other's need and a principle of mutual consent. I realized that a lot of our petty differences can be resolved if we care for each other and possess or at least share a sustaining interest.

After 25 years I don't regret my decision of sticking with my wife; on the contrary, I believe I made the best mistake in my youth and it's the sweetest one.

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