Abstinence Can Be Rewarding

A person who follows abstinence in their life reaps the benefits of not having to worry about STD's and HIV. They can respect their bodies, reduce moral issues, refuse a commit to an emotional attachment, and experience an unwanted pregnancy.

Abstinence Can Be Rewarding

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Why Not Say "No" And Be Abstinent?

Did you know that most children who have a proper upbringing by their parents, brought up in a Christian home, have sexual education in schools or through a local sexual educational program are likely to be abstinent from having various partners throughout their lives. I know for me, it did have a positive impression on me for my entire life and those same values "still" remain to this day. When children have been taught to have a good moral and Christian life, they will commit to having a life of good moral actions and refrain from having many partners in their lives, and they will also teach their children as they've been taught.

It's a great feeling within the heart and soul to know you respect your body and are not treating it as a piece of flesh to be used for sexual gratification. Many children who are brought up properly also choose to be celibate until they're are legally married to the one they've chosen to be with for life because they want to be a virgin when they're married. Many youngers are also choosing celibacy instead of having a sexual experience because they do not want the problems of fearing pregnancy or having to raise a baby, fearing ST D's and HIV, and they chose not to have a committed attachment to a sexual relationship in order not to have these situations hanging over their heads. There are also many teenagers who do not want to mess their chances up for a college degree and a good professional career in years to come.

Bad experiences associated with a fast-paced sexual past can also have a mental impact on a person and cause them to suffer through months of depression and feelings of rejection. Bad experiences also zaps a person's self-confidence and self-esteem throughout a lifetime. If you're determined to remain celibate, "stick to it."

If you do not want these probems in your teenage life, get involved in something that interests you, donate your time to a good cause, tutor children at schools, or donate your time to a good cause. When your hormones begin to rage, focus your mind on other things, get movies that interest you, read a good book or listen to Cd's you enjoy and all of this will reduce the hormones that are moaning and teasing you too much. No, it's not easy but you can do it if you keep your mind set on celibacy and focus on it too.

Don't read sex magazine pertaining to sexual acts or watch nu die movies. When you go out on a date, make your date keep his hands from roaming all over your body. Don't allow any freebies!

Prayer is one of the best eliminators for sexual desires when you're a teenager, lean on prayer and God will grant you the strength to forego any sexual experiences and omit sexual thoughts through other means of mental stimulation. If you're a non-believer, "stay away" from things that will entice you to participate in sexual teasers.

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