A New Year a New Date

Jump on board the world of online dating from a specialist and an owner!

A New Year a New Date

Ok so I set up my own dating website hoping I could help out those of you lost in the maze of online dating! It is a nightmare, those set up times waiting for your date in front of a coffee shop or bar, not knowing if he or she photo-shopped the hell out of the picture they have online! So you meet, and let's say he or she is just not your deal, in other words, it's going no where! Friends, you need a back up plan! My advise, first and foremost is to have a back up plan. No matter what site you are on, whether it's Match.com, EHarmony or one of the niche sites like Romeomeetsjuliet.com, there are people out there who do not reflect their profiles and outright lie. I am not talking about someone who may have a mustache now or gained or lost a few pounds. I am talking about people who just simply are on those sites to scam. Be careful.

Your back up plan can be anything from a double ring on your cell phone so that you may quietly exit to the restroom, to actually calling someone to pick you up. You owe this person nothing and there are many married, engaged and just plain players out there waiting for a nice person like you!

Estimates say that up to 30% of those signed up on dating websites are married! That is simply ridiculous but you should be aware that they are out there! Next after you have your back up plan, meet at a public place only! Do not let someone talk you into something you would not advise your best friend to do! Keep it simple and be yourself! Whether you are looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right Now, online dating can be a viable option, especially for those of us that are super busy! Good luck and next time we will focus on making a profile that works! Happy Dating!

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