8 Tips to a Happier Marriage

This is an article with easy to follow tips, that will help keep your marriage alive and exciting. No more glaring at the happy couples, be one yourselves.

8 Tips to a Happier Marriage

Do you envy the couples who seem to have the perfect, happy marriages? No need to be envious, you can have one too. These couples are in no way perfect, probably not even happier, but they know how to keep their marriage fresh and exciting. Following these 8 tips below, will help keep your marriage fresh and exciting too.


Let's start with remembering your spouse when you first started dating. Do you remember the way he/she gave you butterflies the first time you kissed? Perhaps you remember something special about your spouse, that made you decide right then and there, that you were going to marry him/her. Next time you see your spouse, take a moment to remember something special about them. You will find yourself all giddy again, and glad you did get married. Try to do this each time you see him/her. You will love the results, and so will your spouse.

Do Something Together

Make plans to do something together. If you don't have the same interests, let your spouse choose something they want to do together first. So what if it isn't something you really want to do. Go and don't complain. Next time it is your choice. Make this a weekly, family thing, do not skip out on your spouse, and have fun. If you have kids, find a sitter, or take them along. Perhaps, take the kids along every other time. Either way, just enjoy your time together.


Compliment your spouse on a daily basis. Men and women alike love to be complimented. It shows you are paying attention when you compliment your wife's new haircut, and the way it frames it her beautiful face. Ladies, be sure and tell your husband you can tell they have been working out. Do not wait until your spouse ask you for that compliment, surprise them with it out of the blue. Make it a point to do this daily, even if you just tell them they look nice today.

Go On a Date

How can I date when I am married? Simple, you call up your spouse from work, and ask them for a date. Your spouse will probably giggle and accept excitedly. If you have kids, schedule a sitter. Plan a romantic date with a candle light dinner, music and dancing. You and your spouse get all dressed up and go have some fun. End your date at home with a nice bubble bath and glass of wine. You never know what might happen. I am willing to bet you will get a goodnight kiss, and a promise for a second date.

Be Considerate

Always be considerate of your spouse. Never talk down to or humiliate your spouse, in public or behind closed doors. Show your spouse respect like you would want to be shown. Also, think of your spouse and how they would feel about your actions. Always being considerate of your spouse is a good rule of thumb to follow, if you want a happy marriage.

Do Something Thoughtful

Get into the habit each and every day of doing something thoughtful for your spouse. You both work hard, and you both appreciate each other's hard work. Show it. If you go to take a shower first, when you are done, lay out a towel for your spouse. Sure they could have gotten their own towel, but they wont have to, because you thought of them and laid one out for them. Going into the kitchen to grab a drink? Grab your spouse one too. Another good one is, leaving your spouse a note before you go to work. It does not have to be a two page letter, just a note that says you hope they have a good day. Simple things like this will backfire on you, and next thing you know your spouse will be thinking about you too. Look for opportunities to do the simplest little things that you normally do not do for your spouse. They will love it, and your marriage will reap the rewards.

Give Your Spouse Space

As much fun as it is to be together, you also need time apart. Do not deny your spouse time apart, to do something without you every once in a while. You both need friends, other than each other.

Make sure you and your spouse have breathing room. Too much of each other can sometimes wear thin. Besides you need time to pursue your own interests separately. After time spent away, you will be glad to see each other.

Do Not Fight in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is for relaxation and romance. Keep it that way. No heated discussions or bickering in the bedroom. When you go to bed, you do not want to be reminded of any arguments you had that day. If this is where you have your family board meetings, I suggest you move them to a different room in the house. When you walk into your bedroom, you want to feel calm and relaxed, not angry and upset.

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